Sunday, 30 August 2009

Little Aina

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The current heart-stopper in the family.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Age of Googleism

I barely witnessed communism,
I totally missed the whole life of socialism,
Democracy was assumed but not fully understood,
It all seemed acceptable from where I then stood.

Not long before did I embrace environmentalism
An idea which seemed more individualistic rather than accepted in pluralism
But today when we sat for our casual tete-a-tete
I am able to accept that life is not worth living without a regret.

Before our very eyes, the world formed into a web
The invisible spider, spinning us around into a trap
Our paths widened but our minds engulfed
The more we know, the tighter our hands are cuffed.

Enter, this new world of Googleism
Survival of the fittest in a world of Bloggerism
Put your rights to vote not by paper, cast
Twitter and Flikr, or fade out by contrast.

A new Darwinism rises
Unprecedented; the world of dictators despises
The top of the world from the bottom of the Basin
View of a spectrum of life unforeseen
And if today is defined by the data in your base
And all about you could be wiped out without a trace
People of the world defined
My spot, where do I find?

Till the time comes when I only exist in Google
Time from daylight till nightime only spent as frugal
Will I prance around in the gardens
Run through the air to breathe the credence
Of Mother Earth created to be embraced
By God of the Worlds of Whom was graced
And be I laid down on the ground
Of uneven terrain, perfect even for the Crown
I will smile to the knowledge of an existence
That strived to be felt of its presence
My soul will leave its body, laughing
Saved from an identity known only
by surfing.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Time in a bottle - an impossibility

Time in A Bottle. That phrase that made a song hit the charts. The phrase that was and is synonymous to The Police or Sting. The phrase which is a total impossibility. I cannot even have it stop to catch up with anything. I just have to either move/think/breathe faster to catch up with lost time or abandon the idea of catching up at all and switch to a different goal.
And so this is the next strategy - do not play catch up. Switch your goals.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ode to smiles

Thank God for smiles!
For without a smile
You frown
Your eyebrows meet
Your true feelings come darting forth through
Your eyes

Thank God for smiles!
For without a smile
We see you upset
We see your unease
We feel what you feel

Thank God for smiles!
For without a smile
The load is heavier
The breathing is tougher
The life feels closer
To death

Thank God for smiles!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Today's no-brainer

Who we are today may not be who we will be tomorrow;
Who we were may not be who we are today;
But who we are today is what we have become from who we were.